Sunday, January 30, 2011

30 / 365

Jaelyn in one of her many creative dress up outfits.
If this is a sign of her future with putting outfits together... oh my.
At least she will be unique!

29 / 365

My little Abbie girl with a snotty nose & red cheeks.
It's been the theme this week around here!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

28 / 365

The first little girl I ever fell in love with... my niece Gracie with her beautiful new glasses. ♥

Thursday, January 27, 2011

27 / 365

Amazed by the beautiful snow...
Jaelyn ♥

Yes, we got about 6 more inches of the stuff on the ground... I am sooooo ready for Spring!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

20 / 365

It's been so cold here.. SO COLD! We don't get to play outside at all.
BUT.. today was a bit mild {high 30s} so the girls spent a quick 15 minutes outside and by the smiles on their faces, you could tell they missed it as much as I do!


{please feel free to critque! I can't seem to lower my ISO - it was set at 1600 & we were outside. Although, it was cloudy and no sun was out so, could that be why? When I tried to lower it the pictures just seemed to be dark.}

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

19 / 365

Playing Memory with Jaelyn ♥

18 / 365

Abbie running a marathon down the hall & back...

17 / 365

Another bath picture... sometimes
at the end of the day
that's all I have time to take a picture of!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

16 / 365

Abbie just hanging around on the high bar.
Maybe a future USA Gymnastics team member??

15 / 365

Playing Play-Doh!

14 / 365

Jaelyn playing on her "drawing board" {magna doodle}.
She will sit for hours just drawing things
- quite the artist!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

13 / 365

I got my new lens today.
I had Christmas money to spend.
I'm in love.
I had to wait all day to try it out!
I turned on the little tree in my kitchen that I decorate every season to get the bokeh effect.
Yeah, IN LOVE.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

11 & 12 / 365

I'm trying not to fall behind!!!

11 - Pinkalicious, La La Loopsy & some other babies that Abbie lined up on the floor for "nap time".  Later, they got time-out for not listening. Ha!

 12 - This is a little blurry I know - baby steps, people! But, it does show a typical evening at our house after dinner. Toys everywhere, a small blanket for a picnic, Daddy on the floor, both girls into something!

Monday, January 10, 2011

10 / 365

I LOVE bath pictures, love 'em! BUT, I hate our peachy/pink/puke colored bathroom with the 1950s tile. It is in desperate need of a makeover but I don't see that happening anytime soon so, to remedy this I turn my bath pictures black & white to save you all from the pukeness that is known as my bathroom!

I realize my focus is a little off in this shot and the fish looks more clear than Abbie... I was trying to get her NOT centered but lost the focus on her in doing so. Suggestions?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

9 / 365

Well, the girls are napping and I didn't pull out my camera this morning because I was feeling the {let's be lazy & stay in our pj's all day & watch movies} theme we had going on!

So, sorry for the boring picture today but at least the fruit have smiley faces!! Just a quick shot of some toys that I missed picking up because they somehow found their way into the dining room... Hmmm..

I like the lighting and colors but please feel free to make suggestions & offer advice on anything! :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

8 / 365

Jaelyn was  being quite the little ham this morning. I took several pictures but I think this one was my favorite! I changed my focal point to manual set and I was so happy that pictures looked clearer & brighter that I just about jumped up & down. I still have more practicing to do but yay.. many thanks to Click it Up a Notch for her brilliant help!

7 / 365

This is from Friday - January 7th - but if you looked out our window today, it would be the same scene except with a few more inches on the ground. We got about 1-2 inches yesterday and there is about 4 inches on top of that now & it's still snowing!

Project 365

I've decided to move my 365 Project here!
Now I can just link up to other 365 blogs and you won't have to read all my ramblings about other stuff! :)

But if you are extremely bored and want to follow my ramblings about everyday stuff as a Mommy - feel free to check it out. {Don't Blink}

I just copied my first 6 photos over to here.. hopefully they all copy & paste or you'll just have to be patient while I transfer the photos when I feel like it. {ha!}

Ok, so I finally had a little time to sit down & post my first 6 pictures for my Project 365 which I am joining over at Click it up a Notch.

This is my first time doing a project like this so I will say it now.. I will need LOTS of encouragement to keep going!

I probably won't be posting picture everyday but I certainly love taking pictures and shouldn't have a problem taking some everyday. I will just need to make time to post them for all of you to critique for me! I love contstructive criticsm!!

Click it up a Notch has some great tips, helpful hints and just all around good stuff to better yourself as a photographer! Many thanks for sharing your knowledge, Courtney. Your pictures are beautiful!!

1. Dallas Cowboys
(What is better that football players butts? lol!) I had the great pleasure of attending a Cowboys/Eagles game at Lincoln Financial Field with some of my favorite girls. We had such a good time and I was clicking away!

2. Crayons 
So pretty! But see how my focus is in the center of the stack instead of on the end... gotta work on that!

3. Jaelyn 
She was just relaxing watching Caillou on her bean bag chair. I love how she is concentrating so hard on such a silly show!

4. Abbie 
This one cracks me up! She was playing with a box and I said "ABBIE!" and she jumped up out of the box like this all wide-eyed and full of wonder.

5. Abbie, too! 
My little babes hasn't been feeling well - She was home sick with Daddy and just wanted to chill out with her blanket, babies, barney & teddy on the floor.

6. Sisters 
Being silly with each other, holding hands. I hope they stay close forever. Nothing is greater than a Sister!!

Please be sure to go check out some other great 365 Projects - all of these wonderful photographers give me inspiration!!

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