Tuesday, March 29, 2011

78 / 365

Jaelyn with a lollipop... oh, it was definetly a bribe!!

77 / 365

Baby Lucy - isn't she just a doll baby??
She is my Sister-In-Law's new niece...
and I could just eat her up!!

76 / 365

My nephew, Brent acting like a monkey!
He's adorable & makes me laugh!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

75 / 365

Jaelyn is refusing a nap at daycare lately saying she is 'too big for a nap!'. But ohhhhh... she just can't seem to keep her eyes open right around 6pm. I usually let her sleep for 15-20 minutes then wake her up, let her eat, give her a bath and by 7:30-8pm she is so tired she ASK to go to bed. Bittersweet?

74 / 365

Going for a cruise in the Barbie Jeep...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

73 / 365

The girls with their 'magical' teddy bears from Aunt Brenda.
I tried to get them to sit nicely & pose - does that ever really work out? ha!

72 / 365

Abbie shopping with Mommy at Target in style with her sparkly shoes. ♥

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

67 / 365

I've been drinking a ton of water lately.
These water bottles are my friends.

66 / 365

Jaelyn playing with the 'buggy'.
If Abbie would only sit still for 5 minutes,
I would have one of her too! lol!

65 / 365

Jaelyn is finally at the stage where I can sneak away with her for a mini photo-shoot, yay!
So, I had this necklace, which is very special to me as it was my Mom-Mom's and it was given to me when she passed away. It isn't expensive, in fact in may even be from Avon - but I asked for it because I remember her wearing it and just loving it! It's very special.

Jaelyn adored it.. so it made taking pictures of her with it easy as 1-2-3!

and I couldn't just include one as I fell in love with almost every picture I took...

64 / 365

Ok, I realize I don't have time to post everyday sooo... I WILL do 365 pictures but it may not be everyday or so forth... just bare with me!!!

Sitting & reading with Nana... sock feet!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

63 / 365

Abbie playing with her little people.
I had put these away for a while 
& decided to drag them back out...
man, she played with them for hours!

62 / 365

A little book 'love'.

61 / 365

Little toes on the couch having a snack!
Pay no mind to the wonderful outfits, please - lol!
My youngest is somewhat potty training so its just easier without clothes and my oldest loooooves her pj's!

60 / 365

Mid-afternoon "snack" - ha!
Yes, I love Twilight.. don't hate!