Friday, April 29, 2011

104 / 365

Jaelyn playing some sidewalk chalk. Such a little artist!

103 / 365

Pretty pink toes in the nice cool grass... ahhhhh!

102 / 365

Hop scotch fun with Abbie!!
I love her tongue sticking out, hehe!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

91 / 365

Yummy ice cream cake.. even though I didn't have 1 bite!

90 / 365

Party Girls!
My Mom getting bombarded by all of the girls at Candi's Birthday Party.

Monday, April 11, 2011

89 / 365

Pretty flowers bring horrible allergies.
BUT... still lovely!

88 / 365

Abbie trying to find the perfect forsythia flower for Mommy!

87 / 365

Jaelyn pulling her little sister around in the wagon.
I hope they grow up to be best friends. ♥

86 / 365

We had SUCH nice weather over the weekend that we took a ride to the local park. The girls LOVEEEEDDDD it! I loved that by 7:30pm they could hardly keep their eyes open, lol!

Abbie was such a big girl going up the steps & down the slide by herself. I remember a time when she just had to sit in the grass & watch. Oh how time flies!!

85 / 365

My little ballerina - ready for class!

Monday, April 4, 2011

84 / 365

Jaelyn playing so nicely in the sand box.. until she see's a bug or ant and FREAKS OUT!!
I shouldn't laugh but it makes me giggle when she comes running... poor thing.

83 / 365

She just cracks me up with her faces... haha!
{Not quite as clear as I wanted.}

82 / 365

Abbie says "Bee Happy".. lol
This is just a cute little garden sign I have... I happened to SNAP at the perfect time because when I asked her to sit by it she went running!

81 / 365

I know I'm partial but oh, my Jaelyn is so gorgeous.
How did I get so lucky!??

80 / 365

Jaelyn the 'cool' chic on the bike.

79 / 365

We lost power one morning and the girls were all in a tizzy because they couldn't watch Barney or Caillou or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so, quick thinking Mommy found it on her phone and voila! They got their morning fix for 30 minutes!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

78 / 365

Jaelyn with a lollipop... oh, it was definetly a bribe!!

77 / 365

Baby Lucy - isn't she just a doll baby??
She is my Sister-In-Law's new niece...
and I could just eat her up!!

76 / 365

My nephew, Brent acting like a monkey!
He's adorable & makes me laugh!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

75 / 365

Jaelyn is refusing a nap at daycare lately saying she is 'too big for a nap!'. But ohhhhh... she just can't seem to keep her eyes open right around 6pm. I usually let her sleep for 15-20 minutes then wake her up, let her eat, give her a bath and by 7:30-8pm she is so tired she ASK to go to bed. Bittersweet?

74 / 365

Going for a cruise in the Barbie Jeep...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

73 / 365

The girls with their 'magical' teddy bears from Aunt Brenda.
I tried to get them to sit nicely & pose - does that ever really work out? ha!

72 / 365

Abbie shopping with Mommy at Target in style with her sparkly shoes. ♥

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

67 / 365

I've been drinking a ton of water lately.
These water bottles are my friends.

66 / 365

Jaelyn playing with the 'buggy'.
If Abbie would only sit still for 5 minutes,
I would have one of her too! lol!

65 / 365

Jaelyn is finally at the stage where I can sneak away with her for a mini photo-shoot, yay!
So, I had this necklace, which is very special to me as it was my Mom-Mom's and it was given to me when she passed away. It isn't expensive, in fact in may even be from Avon - but I asked for it because I remember her wearing it and just loving it! It's very special.

Jaelyn adored it.. so it made taking pictures of her with it easy as 1-2-3!

and I couldn't just include one as I fell in love with almost every picture I took...

64 / 365

Ok, I realize I don't have time to post everyday sooo... I WILL do 365 pictures but it may not be everyday or so forth... just bare with me!!!

Sitting & reading with Nana... sock feet!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

63 / 365

Abbie playing with her little people.
I had put these away for a while 
& decided to drag them back out...
man, she played with them for hours!

62 / 365

A little book 'love'.

61 / 365

Little toes on the couch having a snack!
Pay no mind to the wonderful outfits, please - lol!
My youngest is somewhat potty training so its just easier without clothes and my oldest loooooves her pj's!

60 / 365

Mid-afternoon "snack" - ha!
Yes, I love Twilight.. don't hate!

Monday, February 28, 2011

59 / 365

Snack time... MmMm!
Abbie likes to break things into smaller pieces, odd child! lol! :)